60 years of experience means we can spot the bumps in the road.

Simply put, our internal audit team looks for ways to help you navigate around potential trouble. You get an external “fresh set of eyes” to examine your processes, controls, and areas that carry the highest risk of fraud or error. At the same time, we’ll help you identify profitable opportunities and cost-saving strategies. One more benefit—we’ve found that our presence in your environment not only helps to detect fraud, but a tightening of internal controls and ongoing scrutiny also act to deter potential abuse.

A discovery experience

Our goal is to help you manage your risk and streamline your efforts, from accounting operations to IT and security. Whether you need help with a small-scale risk assessment or full internal audit services, we can shine a light on:

  • Controls over disbursements and receipts
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Financial reporting
  • Best practice opportunities
  • Workflows and efficiencies

Navigating your future

Once you’ve learned more about your business from an internal audit services standpoint, where can you go next? This is where breakthroughs can happen. Our internal auditors can make valuable and reasonable recommendations that will help improve your business and mitigate risk. Then it’s up to you whether you’d like to implement them on your own, or have us assist.

Organizations typically lose 5% of revenues each year to fraud.

Fact Sheet on Internal Audit

For more information, please contact Jessica Bundy.


REDW provides IT assessment services to a number of healthcare entities, including hospitals, community service centers, nursing homes, and physician practices. Our HIPAA/HITECH security and compliance assessment will:

  • Analyze and evaluate the organization’s governance of its IT system, risk assessment & management, and IT policies & procedures
  • Perform a gap analysis between an organization’s security controls and the controls required to be in compliance
  • Analyze all network documentation, hardware and software inventories, firewall and routers
  • Assess physical and logical security of the systems, backup and restore procedures, antivirus and anti-spyware procedures
  • Analyze and evaluate network intrusion detection and response systems

For more information please contact Jessica Bundy.