Expanding accountability & transparency for governments

Juggling the demands of public service, a tightening budget, and ever-changing compliance requirements—working in tribal government or state and local government is a balancing act. REDW is here to help you deepen governmental accountability and transparency so you can stay focused on your mission to serve the public.

With minimal disruption to your team, REDW helps you identify revenue building opportunities and cost-saving strategies by analyzing financial statements, internal controls, and processes and risks. Once the audit is finished, we’ll stick around to help you take it to the finish line and connect audit results back to your operations.

We often find that the presence of REDW’s Internal Audit team helps detect irregularities in business and government operations. Our ongoing inspections and help to tighten internal controls reduce errors from within. We are committed to providing this kind of in-house support and relief for our clients.” 

Jessica Bundy, CPA


Serving Tribal Nations

Our audits reflect our keen understanding of federal standards and compliance guidelines specific to Tribal Nations, balanced with your need to strengthen internal controls and protect your sovereignty. REDW audits more Tribal expenditures of federal programs than any CPA firm in the country, nearly $5 billion in the past five years. 

Our expertise extends to audits of Tribal healthcare, housing, gaming, hospitality, farming, manufacturing, convenience stores, and many other enterprises. Our audit findings identify revenue opportunities and cost-saving strategies for your Tribal government or business. We commit to open and honest communication and to sharing knowledge with your accounting and governance teams

Framing a clear, accurate picture of your business.

Whether complying with a financial obligation or proactively targeting business growth, your need for a reputable audit today is paramount—and can make a world of difference for your business tomorrow. By nature, any type of audit is complex, but the objective is simple—to create a clear, accurate picture of your organization.

Whether you own a start-up, a third-generation company, or a multi-million-dollar corporation, REDW’s expansive industry insights help us to ask the right questions.  

Our Audit & Assurance team helps businesses at every growth stage make better, more positively impactful decisions. 

Internal Audit

With an internal audit, you gain a fresh set of eyes to probe into your organization’s processes, controls, and areas that carry the highest risk of fraud or error. Whether you’re in the arenas of U.S. state and local government or Native American Tribal government, or if you’re running the show for a commercial business, REDW’s internal audit team helps you bypass potential trouble and identify cost-saving strategies and opportunities.

  • Internal controls assessment  
  • Compliance with laws, regulations, and internal policies 
  • Enterprise risk management  
  • Financial reporting 
  • Business process improvement and best practice opportunities 
  • Workflows and efficiencies 
  • IT internal audit 

Agreed-Upon Procedures

Agreed-upon procedures are used in a variety of business situations when you need to provide independent findings, or verify specific information, to a third party. REDW assists with agreed-upon procedures in:

  • Data comparisons against a defined standard
  • Reviewing documents for specific transactions

Assurance Services & Financial Reporting

Reliable financial statements reveal the critical information you need to make smart decisions and avoid costly breakdowns—whether prepared for an audit or another important business requirement. REDW’s core assurance services include:

  • Audits of financial statements
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Single audits of federal grant programs
  • Compilations
  • Reviews

Audit Services & Entities We Serve

  • Tribal Nations
  • Compliance & Regulatory
  • Gaming, Hospitality & Leisure entities
  • Commercial – Small, medium, and large-size private organizations
  • Internal Audits
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • State and Local Government
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • Financial Statement and Compliance Audits under the Uniform Guidance
  • Single Audits of Federal Awards

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