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Protect Your Business from Retirement Plan Lawsuits

Companies face the serious challenge of litigation due to employees’ dissatisfaction with their retirement plan performance, excessive fees, mishandling of forfeiture funds, and lack of sufficient fiduciary oversight—all of which can lead to costly lawsuits for violating the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

Discover Your Fiduciary Strengths and Weaknesses

Our Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan Scorecard provides a comprehensive analysis to help uncover compliance gaps and enhance your understanding of fiduciary responsibilities, reducing the risk of costly litigation while improving your overall plan management. With experienced guidance from REDW’s Wealth Advisors and actionable steps for improvement, you will navigate the complexities of retirement plan administration with confidence.

Reduce Legal Risks with Professional Retirement Plan Monitoring

Utilizing REDW’s Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan Scorecard, customers benefit from a detailed fiduciary performance evaluation that bolsters compliance, optimizes operational effectiveness, and minimizes the risk of forfeiture lawsuits and other ERISA-related litigation. Benefit further from the opportunity to partner with REDW Wealth Advisors and share the burden of fiduciary responsibilities to reduce legal risks and strengthen the health of your retirement plan.

Why Choose REDW Wealth?

When you select REDW Wealth to perform your fiduciary assessment, you receive the services of an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst (AIFA®). This designation may be used only by those professionals who have successfully completed a specialized program on fiduciary standards of care at the Center for Fiduciary Studies, which includes passing a comprehensive examination on the 27 Prudent Investment Practices that form the basis of their training. REDW Wealth is, itself, a fiduciary to its clients.

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