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We’re entrepreneurs at heart who think independently and work together for the greater good.

Great minds challenge each other to think differently

Seven decades in businessREDW, 70 years and counting has taught us one important lesson: great minds don’t all think alike. That is precisely the culture we foster at REDW and why we’re always looking for people who are self-starters and critical thinkers, but who are also authentic, curious, and fun. We are serious thinkers who don’t take ourselves too seriously. And we’re hard workers who get the job done, but also are free to let our personalities shine.

So what does this diverse group of minds have in common? We share a passion to serve, we embrace change and solve complex problems, and we have a great time doing it. If this sounds like you, come join us!

Firm Values

We believe a career worth pursuing is a dynamic one, filled with opportunities at all levels – whether you’re just starting out or already well-established and looking for fresh challenges.

Dream Big

We are forward-thinkers, leaders and innovators who offer proactive solutions, based on listening and focusing on client needs.

Better Together

We know that the best way to navigate complexity and arrive at more effective solutions is through collaboration. Our humility, respect, kindness, candor, and curiosity make us easy to work with.

Integrity Counts®

Doing what is right is our wellspring. We assume personal responsibility and hold others accountable. We respect diversity in all areas of our practice.

For the 3rd year running, REDW Advisors and CPAs, one of the Southwest’s largest advisory and CPA firms, has been awarded Top Workplace honors in Arizona and New Mexico.

“They care about their employees and they want everyone to be successful in their personal life and in their work life, and it makes me, and others, a better employee.”


Jessica Bundy, Principal

We are better together. You belong.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

We are a firm that believes in doing the right thing, that integrity counts. Integrity matters in building the foundation for a firm that lasts, one we’re proud to represent. Knowing that diversity combined with inclusive practices makes us stronger, we’re weaving different voices, perspectives, values and backgrounds into a cohesive culture that is greater than the sum of its parts—a culture that invites and celebrates the talents and experiences in our teams, communities and clients. We think Diversity means bringing your whole self to work, without checking to see if you should try to “blend in” or change the way you talk, dress, and express yourself.


Thank you to our speakers!

Mental Health Matters

Here at REDW, we believe that good mental health is for everyone. It impacts your physical, psychological, and social wellbeing. Recently, we invested in our #mentalwellness and were honored to learn about #mindfulness with Michelle DuVal, MA and #mentalhealth with Dr. Ellen Contente, M.A., D.S.S..