How Well Are You Meeting Your Fiduciary Obligations? Complimentary Consultation with Tribal Retirement Plan Management Assessment

Managing Tribal Wealth with Care and Diligence 

Managing an effective and compliant employer-sponsored retirement plan takes a thorough understanding of what is required and a commitment to meeting a set of stringent fiduciary obligations — a matter of particular importance for Tribes.

Tribal fiduciaries — whether they are members of Tribal councils, investment committees or retirement plans — hold a special position of trust as guardians of Tribal assets. Charged with the responsibility of following sound fiscal practices, Tribal fiduciaries should regularly take stock of whether and how well they are fulfilling their duty of care.

Score Your Tribal Retirement Plan Management: Does It Make the Grade?

REDW offers a complimentary, 14-question assessment and personal consultation that helps to determine how well you are fulfilling your duties as a sponsor of your Tribe’s retirement plan. In addition to discovering any gaps in compliance, you’ll gain a better understanding of just what’s required to run a successful retirement plan that aims to safeguard and grow your Tribe’s wealth.

Guidance for Improving Plan Success from Industry Experts

Based on the results of the Retirement Plan Sponsor Scorecard, our experienced Wealth advisors provide an independent assessment of your plan’s investment and organizational processes according to the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence established by the Center for Fiduciary Studies. What’s more, our team of Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIF®) can offer guidance or training on improving employees’ understanding of plan features and even help them make better-informed investment decisions.

REDW Wealth Tribal Fiduciary Consulting Services

  • Comprehensive or strategic fiduciary assessments
  • Targeted consulting on specific fiduciary issues
  • Cost analyses of service providers to plan sponsors and other providers
  • Analysis and consulting services when REDW Wealth is not a provider
  • Custom fiduciary training

Why Choose REDW Wealth?

When you select REDW Wealth to perform your Tribal fiduciary assessment, you receive the services of an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst (AIFA®). This designation may be used only by those professionals who have successfully completed a specialized program on fiduciary standards of care at the Center for Fiduciary Studies, which includes passing a comprehensive examination on the 27 Prudent Investment Practices that form the basis of their training. REDW Wealth is, itself, a fiduciary to its clients.

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