We respect Tribal sovereignty and culture, and understand the intricacies of Tribal governance.


For Nearly 40 years, we’ve served Sovereign Tribal Nations

At REDW, we respect Tribal sovereignty and culture and understand the intricacies of Tribal governance. It’s our mission to:

Honor your past

Preserving your sovereignty, heritage, land, and traditional ways of life.

Provide opportunities

For your families and Tribal members – supporting your livelihoods and retirements.

Build a bright future

Planning new investments and economic opportunities now to ensure your youth and Tribal Nation can flourish.


Clients include more than 200 unique Tribes, hundreds more Tribal entities


Serving Tribal gaming since its inception over 30 years ago



69% of REDW Principals across all service lines directly serve Tribes

of team

35% of our team are enrolled members of Tribal Nations

At REDW, we help you Serve Immediately and Learn Quickly

Key personnel will change and sometimes often. We can help your governing members get up to speed quickly and stay current with compliance and management strategies.

  • Insightful and collaborative approach to the tribal community

  • Establish healthcare independence with financial and operational infrastructure.

  • Develop a corporate strategy for economic and employee development

  • Enhance your Tribe’s financial and personnel management skills

  • Improve internal controls and accountability

  • Locate business capital to fund economic development

Welcome to our National Tribal Practice

Building your trust with service and respect.

Tribal Governments

Through collaboration with more than 200 tribal government clients, REDW has learned how our resources are essential for tribal self-reliance, honor, and endurance. Tribal leaders face many challenges; in addition to improving the quality of life for tribal members and creating economic development, there is also a need to keep up with Federal guidelines for tribal funds. REDW can help with solid systems for your accounting, financial reporting, internal controls, and other basic financial tracking systems, and help with specialized requirements such as:

  • Federal financial management of Federal grant funds
  • Self-governance and self-determination through PL 93-638
  • Relevant financial policies and procedures
  • Preparing for Single Audits

Gaming, Hospitality & Other Enterprises

Gaming involves complex legal and operational issues requiring expert management skills. REDW understands the challenges Tribal Nations face and has a deep knowledge of gaming principles, internal controls, operational issues, and reporting and auditing requirements. As members of the AICPA’s Gaming Task Force, we provided content and technical expertise to produce the latest AICPA Gaming Audit & Accounting Guide. Our gaming business experts contributed significantly to writing the book on tribal gaming audit and accounting.

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Tribal Training Services

The long-term financial success and security of your Tribe depend not only on your ability to attract and retain talented people but also on grooming them to become the next generation of Tribal leaders. From webinars and seminars to customized, hands-on sessions with your staff at your facility, we offer specialized training on timely topics across various disciplines. Many of these courses can also qualify for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit at your request. Targeted training pays off for the Tribe by fostering best practices that result in increased productivity, greater cost efficiencies, and better regulatory compliance.

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We have helped Tribes with:


In 2000, we assisted in orchestrating the first Tribal representation for the Native American Financial Officers Association (NAFOA) to the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, giving Tribes an important voice in the industry. Principals in our firm authored the first Tribal-specific accounting and gaming guides with NAFOA.


We created a scholarship for Native American accounting students, ran a financial literacy program for Native youth, created two Tribal certificate programs for financial managers in the heart of Indian Country, and organized a national conference for Tribal finance and governance leaders where they could share ideas and network with their peers.


REDW’s tradition of service attracts talented professionals who want to grow careers in financial and business advisory roles and give back to Tribes at the same time. Our deep bench of Tribal team members – who grew up on reservations and understand your needs and priorities directly – forms the heart of our ability to serve Indian Country.