Tax Preparation

REDW provides tax preparation service (Form 990 and 990T) as part of a comprehensive offering of nonprofit and other tax consulting services. We guide your organization through the complexities and demands of these forms and explain how to respond to inquiries.

This includes an emphasis on compliance with rules governing exempt organizations, such as the establishment of and adherence to sound policies and best practices, and the degree of involvement of the Board of Directors and Audit Committee in establishing and assessing policies supporting proper governance.

Strategizing your game plan for growth

We help Tribal Nations increase their revenue by developing new ways to collect taxes and assessing their eligibility for federal and state tax credits, whether through the Tribal government or with for-profit joint ventures.

  • Determining eligibility for federal tax credits that Tribal Nations can qualify for, including solar tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, a refundable tax credit available to Tribal governments
  • Return revenue on federal tax credits, such as help in securing refunds for fuel taxes paid in error for Tribal vehicles or machines that are for administrative or nontaxable use

Consultation & Guidance Structure and Implementation

  • Creation of new taxes imposed by a Tribal government, including sales and use taxes and property taxes
  • Outsourced tax audits by REDW of different Tribal taxes assessed on businesses operating on Tribal land, e.g., gas stations, fast food franchises, construction companies
  • Strategies to collect unpaid taxes owed to the Tribe
  • Tax audit procedures developed specifically for the Tribe
  • Working with Tribal attorneys to make changes to the actual tribal tax code to open up new areas for future taxation
  • Implementing economic nexus on tribal land for sales and use taxes
  • Side-by-side analysis of tax benefits of locating a business on tribal land versus non-tribal land.

REDW is ready to assess tax consulting needs for your Tribe

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