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Transforming High Stress into a Tactical Plan

Imagine smooth-running accounting processes, current collections, and making confident, timely decisions from reliable financial data. As a business leader, are you free to focus directly on your organization? Or are you finding your best energies are side-tracked into operational challenges?

REDW’s advisors and accounting specialists are here to support your business as it grows and matures — from enabling your team to work efficiently through accelerating expansion, to modernizing established accounting policies and procedures, and accounting functions, to stepping in to fill roles in times of disruption or transition.

Stretching staff responsibilities and making business decisions from disconnected data can be a thing of the past. 

Tom Friend“Think of REDW’s CAAS team as trusted mentors with game-changing insights into your most challenging operational obstacles, advisors who can help you navigate new or difficult regulations, and your dependable on-call team that is ready to sub-in when you need the support.”

Thomas L. (Tom) Friend, CPA


Accounting – Ongoing

  • Transaction processing and recordkeeping that is timely and comprehensive
  • Cash flow planning and monitoring
  • Financial statement updates and compliance with federal, state, and local laws
  • Forecasting, budgeting, analysis, modeling, and advisement to enrich your organization’s operations and vision
  • Software solutions integrated with local, in-house support
  • Outsourced CFO/Controller

Accounting – Project-Based

  • Audit preparation and liaison services
  • Month-end close and financial reporting tool set-up to coordinate recurring compliance, regulatory, and reporting processes
  • Financial policies and procedure development and expansion
  • Internal control development and expansion
  • Dashboard models for quick assimilation of timely data, accelerated decision-making, and deep insights
  • Data conversion
  • Software system recommendation, implementation, integration, transition, and customization
  • Software maintenance plan recommendation

Accounting Personnel Training

REDW offers custom training to increase your team’s proficiency in budgeting, management, and accounting procedures. We identify where you may have specific skills or learning gaps and tailor onsite training to reduce your downtime.

General Ledger and Account Reconciliations

The integrity of your accounts is paramount for your organization’s future and maintaining timely and accurate financial reporting. The REDW CAAS team is here to assist you in assigning account reconciliations to the appropriate staff, provide training services, and perform quarterly assessments to ensure current reconciliations.

Audit Preparation

REDW takes the anxiety out of your external audit requirement by coordinating the information requested by your auditors, preparing audit schedules, and drafting your statements. In addition, we can act as your audit liaison to help you navigate the audit process. The REDW team of specialists is also ready to help catch you up on overdue bank reconciliations and financial reports—with minimal disruption to your team. We’ll get you ready for an audit while reducing the stress on that high-pressure deadline. 

How we serve Tribal Nations

Accounting Services

REDW’s outsourced team processes and records your Tribal government’s or enterprise’s daily transactions (cash receipts, invoicing, accounts payable, disbursements), account reconciliations and end-of-period adjusting entries, searching for evidence of potential errors and ensuring proper application of accounting principles. Our team provides monthly financial and compliance reporting and analysis and a dynamic dashboard of real-time financial metrics.

Outsourced CFO/Controller Services

We assist with high-level reporting and financial decision-making expertise when your Tribal team needs leadership because of turnover, unfilled positions, or specific skills. Our CFOs and Controllers are highly trained professionals who can step in on short notice and manage your staff, financial reporting, and interact with your Tribe’s governing body.

Audit Preparation

We coordinate and gather the information requested by your auditors, prepare audit schedules, and draft your financial statements. Whether you are behind on bank reconciliations and financial reports or lack the extra staff to prepare for an audit, we can get you ready quickly and with less stress.

Let our team provide relief to yours

It’s time to transform your accounting function from a disruptor to an ally of your goals.

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