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No matter where you are in your growth journey, from start-up to established, your passion for innovating and creating higher value for customers inspires our passion for providing you with the business and financial solutions you need to keep moving forward.

Mid-Market Businesses

  • Auto Dealerships
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Gaming, Hospitality & Leisure
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail & Consumer
  • Professional Services
  • Technology


  • State & Local
  • Tribal Nations

Specialized Areas

  • Non-Profits
  • Private Equity

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Mid-Market Businesses

Auto Dealerships

Shifting consumer preferences, supply chain uncertainty, and revolutionary new technologies—auto dealers have a lot of adapting to do. With labor and computer chip shortages, fluctuating oil prices, and the increasing popularity of online car sales, successful auto dealers must balance inventory management, taxes, regulations, customer expectations, and the bottom line. The vital business advisory and financial services you require go beyond simple accounting and auditing functions. REDW’s experienced team offers that—more than just numbers. As forward-thinkers, we offer strategic planning advice to help you navigate the ups and downs of today’s business challenges and frame a more secure future.

Construction & Real Estate

As inflationary pressures impact the construction industry, monitoring the cost of materials and labor requires an eagle eye and deep understanding of overhead and margin structures, break-even points, tax credits and incentives, cost segregation studies, and more. With REDW and ProNovos, you have construction-specific analytics solutions to help you identify and pursue real estate opportunities in land development for commercial or residential purposes, multi-family, industrial and office markets. Make smarter decisions faster, easier, and in compliance with REDW’s holistic, data-driven approach using industry-specific technology.

Gaming, Hospitality & Leisure

Business is booming. After significant disruption, there’s more competition than ever for the customer’s discretionary dollar. And more scrutiny from government regulators. As industry experts, we go well beyond the regulations with diverse, firsthand experience in hospitality and leisure organizations of all sizes. Our team has held positions managing and overseeing large-scale venues, including casinos, resorts and hotels – real-world expertise that other accounting and business advisory firms can’t offer.

Healthcare & Medical

Today, healthcare and medical services are under intense pressure: keeping up with new technology, increasing patient loads, ensuring the quality of care standards and compliance requirements, meeting the hurdles of third-party reimbursement, and coping with the powerful realities of rising costs and staffing shortages. Our team brings extensive industry knowledge and decades of work with all healthcare organizations, including for-profit physician practices, surgery and imaging centers, community and tribal clinics, behavioral health, and non-profit hospital systems – to meet your compliance requirements.


Manufacturing is about minimizing waste and maximizing productivity to stay competitive in a constantly changing marketplace. Our team offers extensive industry knowledge and vital inter-related business advisory and financial services to our manufacturing clients—such as human resources and benefits consulting, capital projects and feasibility studies, optimizing technology and supply chain issues. When your manufacturing business is ready to look beyond the numbers or needs more than just an accounting firm, REDW is prepared to help you shape and reach your goals.

Retail & Consumer

Today’s retail and consumer-focused businesses deal with more than getting people to walk through the door. You need to adapt to the growth of e-commerce, cope with personnel shortages, and manage supply chain delays. When you partner with REDW, you can count on sound guidance that goes beyond providing accounting and financial advisory services. Our team of forward-thinkers offers strategic advice to help you plan for your future in a volatile retail and consumer goods and services sector.

Professional Services

Professional services firms such as architects, attorneys, engineers, and physicians have unique accounting, tax, and business advisory needs. Whether improving cash flow, maximizing profits, or creating a high-value enterprise, there are no one-size-fits-all answers. At REDW, we’re experts in navigating human resources challenges, forward-looking financial and capital planning, and regulatory issues. All this ensures your business advisory needs are satisfied, whether you’re a firm just starting or a well-established company with a long track record. Preparing your professional practice for the future is easier with trusted partners at your side.


Technology today is all about disruption. Staying on the cutting edge means being equipped to effectively address a wide range of business and financial concerns – regulatory constraints, leveraging intangible assets and intellectual property, constant research and development, human resource challenges, and more – all while being able to show investors, funders and others a comprehensive and confident plan for the future. Our professionals bring considerable expertise and experience tailored to technology businesses of all sizes, as well as multi-disciplinary expertise, to help make your business even more appealing to prospective investors.


State & Local Government

We know you have a critical need for transparency, and we are here to help you balance your accountability to the public, legislative and oversight bodies, investors, and creditors. Our government experts are poised to lend expertise and play key interim roles within your organization—or empower your team through specialized training and access to powerful data intelligence tools. REDW issues more than 100 reports annually on government financial statements and single audits of federal awards, spending nearly $1 billion in grants. Our government team includes CPAs, Certified Governmental Financial Managers, Certified Internal Auditors, Certified Fraud Examiners, IT risk auditors, human resources consultants, and financial strategists.

Tribal Nations

Through collaboration with more than 200 tribal government clients, REDW has learned how our resources are essential for tribal self-reliance, honor, and endurance. Tribal leaders face many challenges; in addition to improving the quality of life for tribal members and creating economic development, there is also a need to keep up with Federal guidelines for tribal funds. REDW can help with solid systems for your accounting, financial reporting, internal controls, financial tracking systems, and specialized requirements.

Specialized Areas


From 501(c)(3) public charities, to membership organizations and other qualified entities, non-profit organizations have highly specific accounting and financial requirements that set them apart from commercial businesses. The sound principles that guide REDW in serving for-profit companies hold true for non-profit groups, too: adapting to changing industry requirements, transparency in accounting and financial reporting, and business advisory for future growth. Our team maintains expertise for non-profit accounting and auditing, grant compliance and reporting, human resources consulting, and more. For the business-side to your mission, REDW is a trusted partner you can rely on to strategically achieve your goals.

Private Equity

Dealing with complex valuations and challenging seller and buyer expectations means you need qualified, agile advice. REDW has the expertise to help you make confident choices. We help our private equity clients to move forward with the most promising opportunities, knowing their accounting and advisory partner has the right experience and credentials to make the right calls. Whatever the end goal of your private equity firm, acquisition or merger, or for investing for the long term, REDW is ready to help you boldly frame your future.

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