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Elevating Your Business Plans

Did you know that the type of business entity you choose can significantly impact how protected your personal and non-business assets can be from risk?

When a business owner consults wealth management expertise, they are assisted in strategically coordinating decisions throughout the business lifecycle that can contribute to the success both of their business and its stakeholders.

Many small businesses often represent a sizable portion of their owner’s net worth — a situation which provides opportunity to further empower your business by integrating advantages found in REDW’s estate planning and retirement planning, as well as advisement in REDW’s accounting, audit, and bussiess valuation services, among others.

Focused Strategy

Business Planning focuses on wealth management issues that affect business owners, shareholders, executives, and employees.

Whether large or small, our depth of consulting services accommodates employee (recruiting and retention) retirement plan management and design, acquisition planning, business expansion, succession planning, and the integration of employee benefits.

Rest assured REDW’s services are crafted to suit your business’s needs throughout its lifecycle. We are here for a long haul when you need us.

4 Areas of Business Planning

Employee Benefits

One of the most important questions that individuals and business owners face in retirement is: how will they obtain health insurance coverage when transitioning from employment?

Gaps in health insurance coverage can create significant risks to a successful retirement. Our understanding of Medicare coverage, COBRA, and the ACA Options for Health Care can clarify issues in transitioning from employer coverage to other options.

  • Health Insurance
  • COLI
  • Long Term Care
  • Dental / Vision
  • HSA
  • EE Retention
  • Disability / Life Insurance

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Qualified plans are sponsored by employers and include retirement plans such as 401(k) and profit-sharing plans.

With ever-changing contribution limits, distribution rules, and tax law changes, making the right investment choices can be overwhelming. Our professional wealth advisors can consult on the design of plans for employers—from programs that include only one to two individuals, to those that cover thousands of employees.

  • Simple
  • SEP
  • 401(k)
  • Def. Contribution
  • 403 (b)
  • 457 (b)
  • Defined Benefit

Executive Compensation

Executive compensation focuses on both cash and non-cash approaches.

The size and type of your business may have a considerable influence on your compensation programs. As your business grows, you may look to more advanced benefit planning, including qualified retirement plans, personal performance initiatives, and other nonqualified plans.

  • NQDC
  • Exec Bonus
  • Top Hat
  • Split Dollar
  • Phantom Stock
  • Stock Options
  • SERP

Succession Planning

Succession planning focuses on the steps that management can take to prepare a business to transition from existing owners to new ones.

There are many factors and decisions to be made that allow a business to become sellable. In cooperation with REDW’s business valuation department, we build the bridge with the goal of making the transition go as smoothly as possible.

  • Funding
  • Valuation
  • Growth Planning
  • Success Management
  • ESOP
  • Buy-Sell
  • Exit Strategy

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