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For many businesses, state and local taxes are the most vulnerable areas in tax liability. Multistate taxation is highly complex, creating challenges as a company expands its multistate footprint. REDW’s State and Local Tax (SALT) advisors are trusted and proactive in providing specialized expertise for multistate taxes, offering high-value consulting services that help growing businesses unearth tax-savings and achieve compliance in all 50 states.

Unearthing Tax Savings & Credits

State tax credits and incentives are out there to provide savings to your bottom line. As your nexus footprint expands, having an expert eye on your multistate taxes can have a (quite literal) payoff.

  • Did your business overpay state taxes last year? REDW identifies overpayment to obtain refunds in a look-back review (or reverse tax audit) by reviewing state tax filings and purchases.
  • Are you up to date on multistate sourcing rules? Our SALT team keeps you in the know on where your taxpayer obligations and benefits are.
  • Is your business eligible for state research and development (R&D) credits? We identify statutory R&D credits and exemptions you may not have been aware of.

REDW’s trusted advisors get to know your business and ease your decision-making so you can make the most advantageous calls for out-of-state operations.

The relief factor for our multistate clients tends to kick in when they’re able to just pick up the phone and access reliable and beneficial guidance. The REDW SALT team also helps them understand the complexity of state tax compliance and budgetary impacts of multistate activity. We listen. We get to know our clients and what they’re doing.

James Ortiz REDW Principal

Audit Defense & Avoiding Potential Pitfalls

Businesses non-compliant with state and local tax laws and regulations are at risk not only of tax assessments but significant penalties and interest. With a changing landscape of nexus across the country, including a growing trend of remote workers, tax authorities are aggressively enforcing and collecting taxes.

To ensure your business is prepared, REDW’s SALT team maintains skilled experience with multistate income, franchise, gross receipts, sales & use, withholding, controlling interest transfer, unclaimed property, and real and personal property taxes.

Tales from the SALT Mines

The quarterly State and Local Tax Digest is a handy distillation of our latest blogs and news articles that will help you get a better handle on the complex tax issues that arise for your business on a daily basis.

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Serving Tribal Nations

We help Tribal Nations increase their revenue by developing new ways to collect taxes and assessing their eligibility for federal and state tax credits, whether through the Tribal government or with for-profit joint ventures.

SALT Services

  • State tax controversies and audit defense matters
  • Nexus Studies & Analysis
  • Multistate Taxability Analysis
  • Multistate Indirect Tax Compliance
  • Sales & Use Tax Exemption & Certificate Compliance
  • Multistate Tax Due Diligence
  • Negotiating Voluntary Disclosure Agreements
  • Multistate Tax Registrations
  • Multistate Tax Dispute Resolution
  • Drafting Letter Ruling Requests
  • State Apportionment Reviews
  • Public Law 86-272 Analysis
  • Escheat Analysis
  • Multistate Transactional Tax Planning

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