Improve Retention with Strategic Compensation Insights & Expert Consulting

In today’s labor market, where attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for the growth and sustainability of Tribal Governments and Gaming organizations, you need to strike a delicate balance between offering compelling compensation and staying within budget.

This is where REDW’s Tribal Compensation Report can serve as your trusted guide, offering strategic insights to inform your compensation strategies.

Compensation Data that Supports Smart, Strategic Decision-Making for Tribal Leaders

For over a decade, REDW has conducted annual Tribal Compensation Surveys to gather extensive compensation data from Tribes nationwide. This information is then analyzed and presented in an annual Tribal Compensation Report that equips Tribal Government and Gaming entities with the insights needed to make informed compensation decisions, ensuring they stay externally competitive and internally equitable.

Tribal Compensation Consulting

Using data collected on hundreds of Tribal Government and Gaming positions each year, our Annual Tribal Compensation Report delivers a wide range of invaluable compensation benchmarks, metric-by-metric comparisons, and trend analytics. And when combined with expert consulting support from REDW’s HR Team, your compensation strategies will be informed by data that is tailored to your unique situation and requirements. Our seasoned HR professionals are always ready to help you develop competitive benefits packages, improve employee satisfaction and retention, and secure a competitive advantage for your Tribal organization.


Leveraging Data for a Robust Workforce

Each Tribal Compensation Report provides extensive data on hundreds of common positions and calculates pay ranges for each, which are divided into five percentiles for easier comparison: 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th. Tribes that have contributed their own compensation data are able to see how their numbers stack up against those of other, similar Tribes, which enables them, for example, to:  

  • Determine appropriate offers for new hires  
  • Determine equitable compensation for an employee transferring between positions  
  • Assess whether their compensation structure aligns with industry benchmarks 
  • Identify whether a comprehensive review of their compensation philosophy and structure is needed  
  • Adapt their compensation structure to reflect market trends and support the organization’s strategic goals. 

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