Take Steps Now to Safeguard Your Entire Enterprise

See Risks from an Attacker’s Viewpoint

Comprehensive security assessments are necessary for companies and organizations to identify potential weaknesses. Even when companies know they have security concerns, they have trouble judging the severity of issues and deciding what to address first.

Discover Where You’re Most Vulnerable

For organizations looking for a quick, holistic analysis of their cybersecurity risk, enterprise-wide, we offer Security Scorecard. This best-in-class information security platform evaluates 10 Threat Indicators from an attacker’s perspective, then delivers a clear and concise report card that grades your overall security posture A – F.

Leveraging Your Security Data

Having detailed data about your security posture is not just helpful, but essential – enabling you to:

  • Generate easy-to-read, executive-level reports
  • Underwrite cyber insurance
  • Reduce cyber insurance premiums
  • Monitor risk and compliance
  • Perform M&A due diligence
  • Manage vendors
  • Enrich your operational data

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Did You Know? A company with a C, D, or F rating is 5.4 times more likely to suffer a consequential breach versus one that is rated A or B.

Making the Grade

All 10 major Threat Indicators are scored using a trusted and transparent rating methodology based on data collected from millions of organizations. The final report includes a list of detailed Action Items that reveal where and how you need to strengthen your defenses to raise your grade and safeguard your entire enterprise.

Home in on Problems & Take Steps to Address Them

Continuous Self-monitoring

Your Scorecard contains a lot of detail, but only for one point in time, so creating an account allows for continuous self-monitoring, history reports, and CSV data exports.

Validate Your Digital Footprint

Your Scorecard identifies digital assets that may be attributable to your company and that impact your ratings, so you can review, remove, or add IPs as needed.

Review Issue Findings

When you investigate the results of your Scorecard with your team, you may discover loose ends and weaknesses you didn’t know were there.

Remediate Issues to Improve Your Score

Whether you’ve deployed a fix, found assets that don’t belong to your company, or want to share information about compensating controls, you can submit those items for resolution approval and see the results reflected on your Scorecard within three business days.

Scorecard with Consultation

Security Scorecard, along with a complimentary consultation, is available through REDW as a one-time service or as an ongoing subscription. Don’t wait for that inevitable security breach; take steps now to safeguard your entire enterprise.

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