Improving Your Cash Flow Management

Improving Your Cash Flow Management

September 7, 2023

Insight in Indian Country Podcast

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What steps can you take to improve cash flow management at your organization? Maximizing financial potential can feel overwhelming once you dive into the ins and outs of all your transactions. Where do you start? And what should your end-goal be?

In this episode, Wes Benally and Chris Henderson are following up to our previous episode on working capital with a discussion on practical strategies for managing cash flow in today’s challenging business landscape. From optimizing collections to prioritizing payments effectively, forecasting cash flow to controlling expenses— financial decision-makers for Tribal-run businesses won’t want to miss this episode. Tune in!

Read Chris’s article on working capital and cash flow, Deep Dive: Effectively Managing Working Capital & Cash Flow

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Meet Your Hosts

Wesley Benally

Wesley Ryan Benally, CPA

REDW Principal and National Tribal Practice Leader

As the leader of REDW’s National Tribal Practice, Wes is committed to improving financial literacy throughout Indian Country and hosts the Insight in Indian Country Podcast. He oversees audits of a wide range for Native American communities, state and local government agencies, and non-profits, nationwide, is a member of the Arizona State Board of Accountancy’s Peer Review Oversight Advisory Committee and serves as an instructor with Arizona State University’s American Indian Policy Institute. In addition, as a Board member for a tribal gaming entity that operates in two states, Wes keeps up with regulatory issues important to tribal gaming operations. Wes is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation.

Chris Henderson

Christopher A. Henderson, CPA, CITP

REDW Principal, Client Accounting & Advisory Services (CAAS)

Chris is one of the leaders of REDW’s Client Advisory & Accounting Services (CAAS) practice, backed by more than a decade of finance and accounting experience serving commercial clients, primarily in the construction industry.

With a talent for technology, Chris has focused his career on turning his clients´ accounting resources into a competitive advantage, driving profitability through improved data accuracy and availability. He also has extensive experience implementing accounting software systems and integrating third-party applications to greatly improve data accuracy and operational efficiency.

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