Tribal Compensation Surveys

Your Key to Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

To ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your tribal organization, it’s important to attract—and retain—the best employees. And given an especially competitive labor market and the usual budget constraints, this means basing your employee compensation and benefits programs on relevant and reliable data.

For the 12th consecutive year, REDW is continuing to compile a comprehensive annual survey of employee compensation data that Tribal Governments and Tribal Gaming organizations need to make smart, strategic decisions for strengthening their workforce.

What Data Does the Survey Provide?

The Survey gathers compensation data from participating tribes across the nation and uses powerful filtering and comparing tools to generate a wide range of useful reports that contrast your compensation data, by specific position, against that of other, similar tribes. These include:

  • Metric-by-metric comparisons, filtered according to:
    • Number of employees
    • Annual revenue
    • BIA region and/or Rural vs. Urban
  • A Tribal Benchmark Report of Participating Tribes, by:
    • BIA region
    • Number of tribal employees
    • Annual revenue
    • Tribes using Tribal Preference
    • Benefits offered
  • Trend Reports, showing year-over-year compensation trends per position
  • A comprehensive, dynamic Annual Report

These reports can all be downloaded in PDF or PowerPoint formats for use in meetings and presentations, or for planning purposes.

Why Participate in the Survey?

To gain an accurate and meaningful picture of how your Tribal Government or Tribal Gaming employee compensation compares to others’, you’ll need to begin by contributing your own organization’s data. Data contributors also enjoy a substantial discount when it comes to utilizing the Surveys’ powerful Comparing, Filtering & Reporting features. Plus, the more who participate, the better the data, and the greater the benefit to everyone.

In 2020, 129 tribal governments and 15 gaming organizations participated in REDW’s Tribal  Compensation Surveys.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

All data entered into the Surveys’ cloud-based platform is secure and accessible only by your tribal representative. Data specific to any individual tribal organization is never displayed in the Survey results, and controls are in place so that a minimum data threshold must be met in order for reporting to occur. This prevents users from being able to deduce which tribes are reporting.

Too Busy to Enter Your Data?

REDW offers Data Input Services to Survey participants at no additional cost. Simply fill in or export your organization’s position information from your own system into a simple Excel template we provide, and we will do the data entry for you. (Returning users can simply copy last year’s data and update the information.)

Annual Subscription

There is no cost to register for the Tribal Government Compensation Survey or the Tribal Gaming Compensation Survey, or to enter your own tribe’s compensation data into our secure, cloud-based platforms.

To take full advantage of the Surveys’ Comparing, Filtering & Reporting features over time, we offer an annual subscription at a reduced rate. In addition to saving up to 50%, subscribing to either or both of our Surveys enables you to make meaningful, year-over-year comparisons of the data and identify important trends. You also receive:

  • Complimentary Data Input Services
  • Annual Summary Report
  • 30 minutes of consulting time with REDW’s team of HR Consulting professionals

Important Dates

  • February 2021 – Data collection open for 2021
  • April 30 / July 30, 2021 – Deadlines for submitting compensation data via REDW’s Excel template to receive complimentary Data Input Services
  • August 2021 – Comparing, Filtering & Reporting features for the 2020 Survey are available
  • September 2021 – Annual Summary Report for the 2020 Survey is available

For 2020 Survey Pricing, Click Here.

For more information, please contact Lydia Craig at 505.998.3474.