People, planning, process, success.

Both business growth and employee engagement are vital to organizational success and sustainability. If the organization doesn’t grow, it’s at risk for decline – leaving it unable to support a viable workforce. And if employees are not trained and mentored to keep pace with growth, they may be unable to help sustain even the best organizations.

REDW’s Human Resources Consulting team partners with clients to help create a mindset toward alignment, action, and urgency to improve performance, engagement and, ultimately, employee and customer loyalty. We’ve built tools and techniques that guide and support you as you support your organization to be healthier, more agile, and focused on what matters to you and those you serve.

When clients partner with us, they find they can concentrate on what they do best – grow their business and enhance their organization. Our team is skilled in developing customized solutions that help take the burden off your leadership team and HR department, while positioning you for success. We take a holistic approach; as part of one of the Southwest’s and Indian Country’s largest accounting and business consulting firms, we can draw on the deep resources and expertise within REDW that few other consultants can offer.

For over 60 years, REDW has served as an advisor to Tribes and tribal enterprises, state and local governments, businesses, and healthcare organizations across the country.

Team Member Certifications

  • Tribal Human Resources Professional (THRP)
  • Certified Compensation Professional (CCP)
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS)
  • Certified Flexible Compensation Consultant (CFC)

We provide professional consulting on a wide variety of organizational and human resources areas, including:

Compensation Studies and Strategic Support
HR Support & Compliance
Organizational Development Initiatives & Assessments
Process & Performance Improvement
Self-Governance and Self-Determination Transition Support

For more information, please contact Cristin Heyns-Bousliman.