Your journey toward successful wealth management starts with REDW Stanley.

You spend a life time working hard, accumulating wealth, concerned about your family and finances – often not knowing whether you’re making the right decisions to reach your goals. But without a plan, how do you know where you’ll be?

  • Will you be able to retire comfortably or will you have to work long after you had hoped?
  • Will you be able to pass your wealth to your heirs or will it dissipate?
  • Do you have an advisor you can trust and who has your best interests in mind?

We at REDW Stanley can help. For 20 years, REDW Stanley Wealth Management has successfully advised some of the wealthiest individuals and families in the Southwest, as well as tribal entities, foundations and corporate clients to build and protect their wealth.

Here is what sets us apart:

  • We are fee-only advisors, meaning the only revenue received is that from the client. We do not earn or accept any commissions, rebates, 12(b)-1 fees (unless rebated back to a retirement plan), referral fees, or other remuneration either direct or indirect based upon our recommendations. We accept no product provider incentives. You can be confident our recommendations are based entirely on your needs and that we will advise you with only your success in mind.
  • Our expertise is broad and deep. Our team of wealth advisors includes practicing CPAs, Personal Financial Specialists, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals, Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholders, an attorney, as well as many other credential holders.
  • We provide custom services tailored to your objectives. Guided by what you tell us, we draw from our extensive in-house capabilities across all areas – from trusts and investments to specialties such as taxes and family office. Flexibility is key for us. We can work with your existing team of attorneys, bankers, insurance agents, and other professional advisors, or we can assist you in assembling the team.

At REDW Stanley, our collaborative approach is based on mutual trust and respect, as well as open, honest communication. We’re proud of the trusted relationships that we have with our clients, and of their increased peace of mind and confidence about the future.

Want to know more about REDW Stanley Wealth Management? We welcome the opportunity to talk with you! For more information, please contact Paul Madrid.


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