We’ve built our reputation on audit and assurance.

Having credible financial information supported by documentation and adequate control systems is a critical need of your organization. The information must be accurate so that you can plan for realistic growth and create a sustainable enterprise, all while complying with significant regulations.

Our Audit & Assurance team offers you technical expertise and experience in many business sectors, allowing us to provide broad, multi-disciplinary advice. Our services extend beyond analyses of your past performance; we offer guidance on current operations and financial management, as well as advise management on economic and tax implications for key transactions.

We believe a smooth and efficient audit process that minimizes disruption is a high priority, so we regularly train in using the latest technologies to access and analyze your data quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

There’s a reason that 95% of REDW clients surveyed recommend our services to others. We’re professionals with high standards, and we care about your success.

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Agreed-Upon Procedures
Accounting Services
Financial Reporting
Internal Audit

Agreed-Upon Procedures

Agreed-upon procedures can be used in a variety of business situations where the need is to provide independent findings or verify specific information to third parties. REDW can assist with agreed-upon procedures in:

  • Business valuations and property transactions
  • Data comparisons to a defined standard
  • Reviewing documents for specific transactions

Our Audit & Assurance team can provide guidance on when use of agreed-upon procedures may be an appropriate solution.

Accounting Services

Accounting personnel training
REDW offers our clients the opportunity to have personalized trainings that can increase budgeting, management and accounting procedures proficiencies of their staff. We identify where you may have specific skill or learning gaps, and tailor an onsite training to match, a method that can significantly reduce downtime.

Audit preparation
We take the anxiety out of audit preparation by coordinating and gathering the information requested by your auditors, preparing audit schedules, and drafting your statements. Our team of specialists also can come in and pick up the pieces if you’re behind on bank reconciliations and financial reports, with minimal interruption to your staff. We’ll get you ready for audit while reducing stress and deadline pressure.

Consultations and training on application of GAAP
GAAP principles ensure consistency in financial statements and facilitate cross-comparison of financial information across different enterprises. If you are looking to tighten your internal controls, or prepare for audit, REDW’s Audit & Assurance professionals can customize a GAAP training to fit. We stay abreast of the latest professional standards and regulations for the industries we serve and the accounting profession in general through regular training in our own organization, and will pass our knowledge on to your team.

General ledger and account reconciliations
Integrity of your accounts is important when considering compliance. We can assist you with assigning account reconciliations to the appropriate internal staff, provide training services, and then perform quarterly assessments to ensure that your reconciliations stay current.

Financial Reporting

Preparation of financial statements is a core service at REDW. Solid financial statements, whether prepared for an audit or another important business requirement, can reveal information needed for decision making and help you avoid costly business breakdowns.

  • Audits, Reviews and Compilations
  • Compliance and Regulatory Audits
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • Financial Projections
  • Financial Statement Preparation support

Internal Audit

Simply put, our internal audit team looks for ways to help you navigate around potential trouble. You get an external “fresh set of eyes” to examine your processes, controls, and areas that carry the highest risk of fraud or error. At the same time, we’ll help you identify opportunities and cost-saving strategies. One more benefit—we’ve found that our presence in your environment not only helps to detect fraud, but ongoing scrutiny and tightening of internal controls deters potential abuse.

Our goal is to help you manage your risk and streamline your efforts, from accounting operations to IT and security. Whether you need help with a small-scale risk assessment or full internal audit services, we can shine a light on these areas:

  • Controls over disbursements and receipts
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Financial reporting
  • Best practice opportunities
  • Workflows and efficiencies

We offer a wide variety of internal audit resources that will fit any budget, from small scale one-time engagements, to internal audit assistance or supplemental management staff, to training to fully outsourced internal audits.