<em>Insight in Indian Country</em> – An Introduction to GASB Statement 87

Insight in Indian Country – An Introduction to GASB Statement 87

June 28, 2021

Lease accounting is anything but simple—are you in the loop on GASB Statement 87? Press play for quick insights on lease categories, financial statement impacts, performance-based leases for casinos, and more.

Get in the loop on this episode with REDW Audit & Consulting Senior Manager Claire Hilleary, CPA, MBA, who primarily specializes in Tribal healthcare and urban Indian healthcare centers, and REDW Audit & Consulting Principal Chris Bitakis, CPA, CGFM, CGMA, who serves exclusively on Tribal government engagements that include Tribal casinos and Tribal government corporations. Our trusted REDW advisors are here to help your organization move forward.

REDW LLC is excited to bring you the first season of the Insight in Indian Country Podcast. We hope you’ll listen in!

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