Tribal Cybersecurity Grant Program (TCGP) Requirements: FEMA Announces $18.2M to Address Cyber Risk

Tribal Cybersecurity Grant Program (TCGP) Requirements: FEMA Announces $18.2M to Address Cyber Risk

October 17, 2023

2024 Update: The FEMA/CISA cybersecurity grant application process closed January 10th, 2024. What’s the best way to prepare for future cybersecurity grant opportunities that are bound to come? Listen to our latest episode on cybersecurity funding for Tribal Nations.

On September 27th, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced the funding of a new grant—the Tribal Cybersecurity Grant Program (TCGP)— to aid tribal leaders in protecting their communities against the risk and consequences of cyber-attacks.

Listen to our podcast on this time-sensitive opportunity, Opportunity knocks! Applying for the Tribal Cybersecurity Grant Program (TCGP)

Eligible grant applicants meeting the definition of a Federally Recognized Tribal Government must have submitted their Grant Application, received feedback from FEMA and CISA on required changes, and submitted those changes back before 5 pm ET on January 10, 2024. The grants will be awarded on January 10, 2024.

Due to the abbreviated time limit and funds available in this program, tribal leaders should highly prioritize completing the requirements and submitting their grant applications.

Aiding Tribes with FEMA's Cybersecurity Grant

Today, it is of the utmost importance to protect your Tribe’s digital assets by reducing cybersecurity risk, mitigating potential threats, and utilizing incident response strategies.

Cybersecurity Tribal Grant Objectives

TCGP Grant Awards: How much is being granted?

The application process will be jointly managed by FEMA and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). FEMA and CISA combined funding from fiscal years 2022 and 2023 into a single Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), totaling $18,246,845 for the Tribal Cybersecurity Grant Program. The monies will be allocated based on four tribal population categories.

Tribal PopulationNumber of TribesMaximum Allocation of Funding Per Category
100,000 or more8$8,109,709
10,000 – 99,99933$5,068,568
1,000 – 9,999124$3,041,141

The funds will be allocated within each category to Tribes who have successfully completed their applications. Neither FEMA nor CISA has released information on provision of future funding for this program.

What are the TCGP Grant Application Requirements?

The Tribal Cybersecurity Grant Program for federally recognized Tribal Governments is currently open, but Tribes only have until January 10, 2024, to submit their grant applications, receive feedback for required changes, and get those changes approved.

The TCGP grant requirements are formidable and will require a significant time investment— anticipated to be four weeks or more—to ensure that all aspects of actions and documents required to apply are fulfilled and changes are approved.

Each applicant is required to submit:

  • CISA-approved Cybersecurity Plan that meets the grant’s thirteen cybersecurity plan statutory elements.
  • Cybersecurity Planning Committee List which includes an internal grant office representative and a designated Chief Information Officer (or equivalent) with expertise in Information Technology (IT).
  • Cybersecurity Planning Committee Charter that defines the committee’s authority, objectives, scope of activities, and duties.
  • Detailed descriptions of how the tribal government plans to meet the TCGP required and optional objectives that include governance and planning, assessment and valuation, mitigation, and workforce development.
Aiding Tribes with FEMA's Cybersecurity Grant

We’re Here to Make This Easier

This new grant provides federally recognized Tribal Governments with an excellent opportunity to begin or significantly enhance their cybersecurity programs. In light of the short window to apply, REDW is offering Grant Writing Advisory Services for Tribes. Our expert cybersecurity and Tribal advisors have already been able to help several Tribes get a step ahead with their grant applications.

Contact us today. We’re here to answer your question or set up a free 20-minute consultation.

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