Risky Business: How Well Are You Managing Business Risk?

Risky Business: How Well Are You Managing Business Risk?

May 11, 2021

Updated: 5/26/21 – The original posting of this blog advertised a May 31, 2021, closing of the Risk Management Survey and reporting. That date has been extended to June 30, 2021.

If last year taught us any lessons, it’s that the world is a risky place. And not just for individuals. Businesses faced more challenges than ever before in simply conducting their work– a pandemic, local stay-at-home orders and supply chain disruptions. As professional and personal activities began to intermix on mobile devices, and social distancing orders forced many employees out of the office and into their homes to work remotely, company owners and IT professionals faced a new set of potential vulnerabilities, too.

From Zoom bombing to socially engineered phishing attacks, to ransomware that hijacks operating systems, to the fall out of a container ship blocking a significant percentage of the world’s ocean traffic, the physical and cyberworlds are fraught with hazards. Ready or not, making sure your team has identified threats both real and virtual, then implementing smart practices to prevent and mitigate them, is the order of the day.

So how well did you and are you managing your business risk?

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Do you have a proactive plan in place? Are you relying on reactive techniques to control and repair the possible damage from hackers, thieves and malware? Or are you one of the many firms that find it all so overwhelming that you have resigned to crossing your fingers and hoping nothing happens?

Whatever your comfort with and plans are to mitigate today’s inherently insecure world of work, we’d like to know. Along with several peer business advisory and accounting firms across the country, REDW is taking a lead role in helping our clients better understand their risk management efforts and needs.

Take this confidential, 10-minute survey, designed to help us learn how businesses are managing risk, what techniques they are using, and where their greatest risk management challenges lie. We’ll share the results of this confidential survey with all participants after it closes on June 30. You’ll be able to benchmark your business’s risk awareness, strengths and weaknesses in preparing for the critical threats your organization faces.

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—And if you find that taking the survey makes you feel less secure in your own plans, please contact Jennifer Moreno, REDW Cybersecurity Senior Manager. Our entire team stands ready to help you strengthen your baseline security measures, especially those centered around cyber and technology security.

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