REDW′s Response to COVID-19 – Implications for Health and Business

REDW′s Response to COVID-19 – Implications for Health and Business

March 13, 2020

As public health concerns relating to the Coronavirus continue to grow, I wanted to reach out to our clients and friends to let you know how REDW is monitoring and responding to the situation.

At REDW, our top priority is the safety and well-being of our team members, our clients and their employees, and the communities in which we raise our families. Our goal is to balance health and safety with business continuity to minimize the possibility of an outbreak or disruption to client service. Specifically, we are encouraging our employees to follow practical guidelines, including:

  • Staying home if not well or exhibiting symptoms such as a high fever or cough.
  • Working remotely if sick, but feeling well enough to perform normal duties.
  • Practicing increased, effective hand washing and sanitation.
  • Taking advantage of our supply of hand sanitizers, wipes and cleaning products.
  • Avoiding meeting people face-to-face, and using technology such as phone, video conferencing, email, or instant messaging as much as possible to conduct business, even when parties are in the same building.
  • Limiting non-essential travel.

Our technology infrastructure supports virtual conferences, flexible work schedules and telecommuting, if this becomes necessary or required by public health organizations and government officials. For more than two weeks, we have been testing these systems, expanding procedures and work options for our team, and planning a series of scaled trainings designed to help keep our business running as normally as possible.

The outbreak is moving quickly, and uncertainty continues to pressure the public and business community. Our priority is to ensure the well-being of our team members, while still delivering a level of service that is as close as possible to what you have come to expect from us. As a preventative measure, we encourage you to limit direct contact with our team by communicating via phone, email or video conference, something our team is prepared to facilitate.

We’re living through challenging times and we’re here to support you in any way we can. We are better together, and greatly value our relationship!

Steve Cogan
REDW Managing Principal

REDW is committed to keeping you informed at all times, but especially during a crisis of the magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay connected with us on LinkedIn and @REDWLLC. Or check out some of our other updates here.

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