REDW Client Center Payment Portal Powered by Aiwyn

Access Your Aiwyn Account

With our secure online payment portal powered by Aiwyn, you can make online payments, set up recurring payments, pay multiple invoices at once, save payment methods, add multiple accounts to your portal and more.

Pay Invoices without an Account

You can make a payment without a payment portal user account, however you will be unable to save a payment method or see past payments.

Create a New User Account

The payment portal user account creation process can be initiated either from the initial login screen or from the payment screen.

Aiywn’s Help Center

Access how-to’s on commonly asked questions. If you are logged into your account, chat directly with a person.

Introduction Video to Aiwyn – In this video, you will be introduced to REDW’s online payment portal provided by Aiwyn.

Additional Payment Options

We offer our clients the opportunity to continue to pay by check or, for balances over $10,000, with QuickFee financing.

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