Understanding New Mexico’s Cannabis Laws

  |  September 2, 2021

Recreational marijuana workplace impairment

As companies grapple with the reality that recreational marijuana is legal in New Mexico, many assume that the new law, The Cannabis Regulation Act, controls their employer/employee relationship. They worry that because recreational marijuana is legal, they can’t prohibit its use and might not be allowed to test employees for it. There is no need to worry – especially in the healthcare field. Read more.
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No Longer Mandatory: FFCRA Leave Provisions

  |  January 12, 2021

The Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) extended the payroll tax credit available to employers for amounts paid under the EPSLA and EFMLEA through March 31, 2021, but did not extend the mandate to provide the leave. Therefore, employers may elect to voluntarily continue to offer the paid leave to those employees who did not exhaust the leave in 2020. Read more.
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