We not only understand the entrepreneurial spirit, we live it.

Here’s what we’ve learned over years of successfully working with companies of all sizes: A business is as big as its vision.

Our success has been based in large part on this simple premise: We are the same kind of company as our clients. This means we are equipped to help them effectively address a wide range of business and financial challenges because we face them, too. As a result, the same entrepreneurial spirit that motivates so many of them motivates us, too.

We’re much more than tax preparers and compliance advisors

Our clients choose us because we bring considerable expertise and experience to the table for businesses and organizations of all sizes – from entrepreneurial SMBs to midmarket and larger enterprises. Everything from regulatory consulting to M&A due diligence, wealth management, financial consulting and more. Very often, clients will come to us for one need, only to realize how much more REDW has to offer and end up tapping us for a broad range of inter-related business advisory and financial services.

We work with a wide variety of industries including:

Relationships are everything

As CPAs we certainly know how to assign value to things, but there’s nothing we value more than our relationship with every one of our clients. We take business personally and work hard to create unique solutions for each client’s specific challenges. No one-size-fits-all answers here.

And we’re not done once we address whatever issues trouble our clients. We’re happy to transfer our knowledge, skills, and capabilities to them so they are empowered to address further issues as they arise. With deep roots in Albuquerque and Phoenix, we’ve built up a network of valuable resources that we readily share with our clients to ensure every business need is satisfied.

If you’re looking for an accounting firm for the long haul, one you can share your plans with and lean on for sound advice in good times and bad, you’ve come to the right place. We’re eager to talk and we hope you are, too.