Specialized Services

Because REDW Stanley is committed to being your valued financial advisor, we offer a range of services that go well beyond those of many conventional wealth management firms.

Planning, Mediation & Collaboration

When couples decide to separate or end their marriage, we can assist with the financial aspects. REDW Stanley financial advisors can recommend multiple qualified attorneys and other family support professionals with sound strategies for dealing with income, assets and debts, and spousal and child support.

Expert Witness

Our financial experts frequently provide expert testimony in such areas as securities litigation, FINRA arbitration, financial planning, and investment litigation.

Structured Settlements

We can consult with counsel to realize tax-advantaged settlements that minimize tax consequences and maximize cash flow for the plaintiff(s). We accomplish this through proper annuity selection planning and compliance documentation.


Whether for you or for your parents, REDW Stanley eldercare specialists are experienced at assisting with many of the difficult financial responsibilities. Just a few of them include: bill paying, tax preparation and advice, managing investments, conservatorship and estate administration.

Family Office Administration

Our Family Office Administration Services Group is a skilled, reliable solution to managing a family office or your aging parents’ estate. We will handle it all – from bill paying and irrevocable living insurance trusts to financial statement preparations and fiduciary tax planning and preparation.

For more information, please contact Ginny Stanley or Paul Madrid.


Eldercare and Family Office Administration
Life Insurance Policy Options for Seniors