Financial Planning

The right planning can get you on the path toward creating the life you want for you and your family. REDW Wealth managers are experienced at helping clients achieve a wide range of goals – from estate plans that preserve assets and minimize taxes to retirement strategies to help withstand a broad range of concerns.

We understand that planning well for your financial future is of paramount importance to you. We can help you feel prepared for whatever may happen, both today and tomorrow.

Consultative Engagements

The first step in our process is to determine the scope of the work that needs to be done. A planning engagement may range from a simple cash flow analysis to a full comprehensive financial plan that looks into every aspect of your financial life. Our team focuses on four broad areas of planning and then filters our recommendations through the lenses of risk management and income taxation. We also have individuals on our team that are tax specialists or have other unique expertise and experience in dealing with financial issues.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning involves evaluating your current financial situation and applying the proper accumulation or distribution strategy to fit your ultimate needs. Retirement planning frequently is the dominant financial planning goal because accumulation years and retirement years span many decades. Successful planning should address how to maximize growth, create dependable income streams and optimize taxation of income and wealth.

Estate Planning

Estate planning creates a plan for the management of your property during life and the distribution of that property at death. For most people, estate planning requires coordination between assets that are acquired at different times and operate under different legal distribution rules. The ultimate goal is to create the most efficient transfer of your property to your heirs, at minimal cost and with complete privacy.

Business Planning

Business planning focuses on wealth management issues unique to business owners and shareholders. For most business owners, their business is their most significant asset. Therefore the financial success of that business has an immediate and oversized impact on the economic security of the owner and his or her family. Without proper planning, the value of the business may not be available to support retirement goals. Additionally, without proper planning for risk, your family may lose the value of your business interest at death.

Investment Planning

Fundamental to the wealth management process is the creation of an investment portfolio. Creating your portfolio is more than a means to amassing wealth since the demands on your investments change so significantly over time. Planning for investing involves the management of debts, earnings and building a portfolio of assets. Whether you are investing for retirement, college or another objective, you are faced with the task of qualifying your goal, developing an asset allocation strategy, and choosing the most appropriate investment vehicles.

Risk Management

Our planning team is trained to help you identify and understand many of common financial risks that are associated with your assets, businesses or health. For example, you may have exposure to personal or professional liability, business liability, property losses and catastrophic illness or disability. The first step in planning is to identify the sources of risk and then avoid or minimize the major exposures. Risks that can be transferred should be insured. Your understanding of how you may be self-insuring risk can go a long way to creating alternative scenarios to overcome them.

Strategic Tax Planning

In the world of financial advice many advisors add to their financial disclosures that they do not give tax or legal advice. While REDW Wealth does not give legal advice, we proudly raise our hands and say, “Yes, we do give tax advice.” Not only can we complete your income tax return, but we also have a unique understanding of how various sources of income in retirement interact for the purposes of income taxes. Our tax planning goal is not to look backward to compute what you might owe, but to look forward to help your create the most tax efficient streams of income in retirement.


Claiming Social Security Retirement Benefits

One of the most significant financial decisions that an individual or a couple faces is how and when to claim Social Security retirement benefits. Recent changes enacted by Congress have created different claiming rules for couples in the same household. Our team of advisors can help you make wise decisions for this foundation of your retirement income.

Stock Option and Cash-Flow Planning

Many executives and employees have significant resources in stock options, appreciation rights and discount purchase plans. Our advisors develop individual strategies to help you achieve higher after-tax wealth while reducing overall risk.

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