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Streamline Your Grants Management Process

Non-profits and Tribal entities that receive federal awards often struggle to manage their grants efficiently or even correctly, leading to costly errors. Simply producing the dreaded – but required – SEFA report (Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards) has been anything but simple, involving a hugely cumbersome and error-prone effort to collect all relevant information manually from many different sources.

In response to the difficulties many of our audit clients face when it comes to Grants Management, REDW’s software professionals designed SEFA Pro™, available exclusively from REDW.

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SEFA Pro™ is an MIP Fund Accounting add-on module that streamlines the reporting process and ensures that all necessary information is produced directly from MIP Fund Accounting for presentation to the auditor. It also helps to create relevant grant reconciliations throughout the year and at year-end.

How does it work?

After populating your grant administration data, REDW’s Technology Solutions team uses the SEFA Pro™ module to group awards by agency, assign grants to those groupings, and assign GL accounts to different categories. SEFA Pro™ maintains this grant management data throughout the year, and according to an assigned date range, can execute and run reports, like the sample report below. 

SEFA Pro Sample Report

Watch the above webinar, “Streamline Grants Management with SEFA Pro,” for a demonstration by Corrine Wilson, Mustafa Kamal and Rochelle Alcon, of the module and how it can dramatically benefit organizations that receive federal grants. 

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