Using Data to Drive Better Business Decisions

Keep Your Competitive Edge

Q: What if you could leverage your business data in real-time? 

When analyzed and used effectively, the data your business generates every day can reveal what’s needed to make processes efficient, production costs cheaper, profit margins higher, employee morale better, and marketing campaigns more effective. 

Data analytics systematically brings all your information together so you can make better, faster decisions. You don’t need to be an analyst to access the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter—and data is not limited to just revenue and expenses. Our clients have been able to save time and money by learning from non-financial data like operations, staffing, compliance, and performance. 

It’s time to say so long to inefficiency. 

No More Chasing Siloed Data
Where data was once disconnected by department or system—and rarely shared—it can now be integrated into customizable dashboards to help you make better-informed decisions that impact your bottom line. 

Data drives everything in today’s business world, and your ability to leverage your data in real time can mean all the difference for maintaining a competitive edge. That’s because, when used effectively, data can reveal what’s needed to make processes more efficient, production costs cheaper, profit margins higher, and marketing campaigns more effective.

Decision-making with Accurate, Relevant Information. 
For the C-suite and board, HR directors, department heads and operations managers, REDW provides a real-time, holistic view of your organization’s well-being and performance. Can you remain relevant, competitive, and successful with your current setup? 

The trick is to identify and consolidate the right data sources, then mine and model that information into meaningful dashboards and reports that enable smarter decision-making. Our Data & Business Intelligence analysts lay the groundwork and then examine the results with you to identify trends, patterns and relevant connections.

From Data Discovery to Data Literacy

Becoming a data-driven organization starts with an assessment by our team of where you are, with an eye toward where you want to go. Along the way, we help to foster “data literacy” within your workforce, or the ability to read, understand, and collaborate through data.

Our services include:

  • Assessing your data sources, governance, and reporting environment
  • Consolidating multiple data sets into a single environment
  • Extracting, transforming and loading data
  • Creating dashboards, storyboards and visualizations
    • Real-time budgeting, planning, and forecasting
    • Enhanced financial compliance and reporting
    • Fraud prevention and detection
    • Operational efficiencies and cost/resource management
  • Training in the creation of dashboards and reporting analytics tools

Boosting Efficiency with Process Automation

If your business regularly performs routine tasks, generating the same reports over and over,  manually routing documents, or using paper instead of software, our team can examine your current processes and find opportunities for automating them using the latest integrated software tools and techniques. Not only can process automaton increase productivity while improving accuracy and consistency across your organization—it can also expand the scope of what your employees are able to accomplish.

Are you ready to take your organization to the next level? Let us help you get there.

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