State and Local Tax (SALT)

Multistate Income, Franchise, Gross Receipts and Sales and Use Taxes

State and local taxes are the most vulnerable areas in overall tax liability for many businesses. Multistate taxation is exceptionally complex and often confusing, creating challenges as a company expands its multistate footprint. REDW’s State and Local Tax (SALT) Group provides specialized expertise in multistate taxes and offers high-value consulting services that deliver tax savings to our clients.

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Avoiding Potential Pitfalls & Tax-Saving Opportunities

Companies or individuals that are not compliant with state and local tax laws and regulations can be at risk not only of tax assessments but also significant penalties and interest. With the changing landscape of nexus across the country, tax authorities are becoming more aggressive in enforcing and collecting taxes that are legally due to them. To ensure your business is prepared, REDW’s SALT team maintains skilled experience with multistate income, franchise, gross receipts, sales & use, withholding, controlling interest transfer, unclaimed property, and real and personal property taxes, as well as state tax credits and incentives.


Providing You Practical Solutions for Complex Issues

In addition to state tax controversies and audit defense matters, we advise on:

  • Nexus Studies & Analysis – Determining a company’s state tax footprint and whether the company is required to file state tax returns
  • Multistate Taxability Analysis – Determining whether a state will impose an indirect tax collection and remittance on such a transaction
  • Multistate Indirect Tax Compliance – Providing a complete system to assist in filing any indirect filing requirements in the 13,000+ taxing jurisdictions
  • Sales & Use Tax Exemption & Certificate Compliance – Working with a company to ensure compliance with state tax rules on exemption certificates and that a transaction will not be subject to state tax
  • Multistate Tax Due Diligence – Determining tax exposure on the purchase or sale of a business
  • Look-Back Reviews (Reverse Tax Audits) – Reviewing prior state tax filings for years open under the statute to find any state tax overpayment and obtain refunds
  • Negotiating Voluntary Disclosure Agreements – Helping companies comply with state tax laws
  • Multistate Tax Registrations – Helping companies register for income, withholding, sales and use tax, or other state taxes, as required by the state
  • Multistate Tax Dispute Resolution – Working with state government(s) to settle any state tax dispute
  • Drafting Letter Ruling Requests – Preparing a memorandum to the state on a particular transaction and the taxability of such a transaction
  • State Apportionment Reviews – Determining what amount of income should be apportioned to each state
  • Public Law 86-272 Analysis – Determining whether a state is precluded from imposing a state income tax on a company based on the company’s activity in the state
  • Escheat Analysis – Determining whether a company must report and remit unclaimed property to a state
  • Multistate Transactional Tax Planning – Determining the state tax impact on selling a business or asset.

SALT Insights

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