Self-Governance & Self-Determination Transition Support

REDW has a talented cross-firm team to facilitate an effective and efficient transition from Indian Health Services (healthcare) and Bureau of Indian Affairs (education) with focus on Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology and Quality Improvement.

What we do:

  • PL 93.638 Self Determination Training
  • Feasibility Studies
  • IHS Tribal Management Grant Support
  • Pre-Award Guidance
  • Negotiation Assistance
  • Policies & Procedures Development
  • Onsite HR Staffing: HR Director; Recruitment; Orientation/Onboarding; Administration; Employee Relations; and other HR duties as needed in transitions
  • Compensation Structure
  • Job Classification and Position Descriptions
  • Organizational and Department-Specific Structuring
  • Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Assistance

We provide professional consulting on a wide variety of organizational and human resources areas, including:

Organizational Development Initiatives & Assessments
Compensation Studies and Strategic Support
Process & Performance Improvement
HR Support & Compliance