<em>Insight in Indian Country</em> – Tribal Business Boards

Insight in Indian Country – Tribal Business Boards

July 12, 2021

It’s a question we get a lot—why would a Tribe establish a Tribal business board? REDW Principal and National Tribal Practice Co-leader Corrine Wilson is here to discuss Tribal business boards with REDW Managing Principal Steve Cogan.

Why would Tribes want to establish separate business boards or corporations for their businesses? In a topic discussed widely around Indian Country, there are also a lot of questions about how it works in the first place and what to expect out of such separate boards and corporate entities. Tune in as our trusted firm leaders are answering the important questions that they are most often asked.

REDW LLC is excited to bring you the first season of the Insight in Indian Country Podcast. We hope you’ll listen in!

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