REDW and Native American PGA TOUR Golfer Notah Begay III Form New Strategic Partnership

REDW and Native American PGA TOUR Golfer Notah Begay III Form New Strategic Partnership

August 4, 2016

REDW LLC, one of the Southwest’s 10 largest certified public accounting and business consulting firms, is pleased to announce it has launched a new strategic partnership with Notah Begay III. REDW is the national leader in providing accounting and financial services to tribes and their enterprises. Begay, who is one-half Navajo, one-quarter San Felipe and one-quarter Isleta, is the first full-blooded Native American ever to play on the PGA TOUR. With a degree in Economics from Stanford University, he has come to share the same core values and business ethics as REDW. Both are passionate about and committed to increasing financial literacy in the tribal community in an effort to build business opportunities and financial success.

Members of REDW say the relationship is par for the course: “Our partnership with Notah is a seamless progression, built on integrity, mutual respect, and business acumen. As we look to the future, we anticipate these shared values and passion will make giving back to Indian Country an even more productive endeavor,†said Chris Tyhurst, REDW Principal and National Practice Leader for Tribal Services. REDW has been a steadfast partner to hundreds of tribes across the US, serving their vast and diverse financial and business needs for three decades.

The agreement is the first of its kind for REDW and offers the Firm tremendous business and philanthropic opportunities. With a business model built on the tagline, “Accuracy matters, integrity counts,†REDW, like Begay, associates itself with high performing organizations and key business players. And Begay, recognizing REDW’s commitment to his people, says, “The high performance of REDW in the tribal sector is the primary reason I’ve pursued this partnership. The Firm’s experience positions them to serve the constantly changing priorities and requirements of tribal governments. This joint venture allows me to work harder on behalf of tribes due to REDW’s tremendous portfolio of services.â€

Since retiring from professional golf, Begay has strategically made the Native American community a beneficiary of his philanthropic and business efforts. On the non-profit side, Begay established the Notah Begay III Foundation in 2005 to reduce childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes amongst Native American youth. He also put his Stanford economics degree to use when he started NB3 Consulting, which has produced nationally ranked golf courses for tribal nations across the country. Now, by joining forces with REDW, Begay’s primary goal is focused on developing prosperous business initiatives and financial education.

As part of the partnership agreement, Begay will endorse REDW’s services and serve as brand ambassador to promote REDW through his personal marketing efforts. In exchange, REDW will support Begay’s personal and corporate financial endeavors. The Firm will also provide services to his philanthropic initiatives, including sponsoring the NB3 Foundation’s annual “Grande Slam†golf tournament at Santa Ana Golf Club in Albuquerque. The agreement allows for the next level of progression in shared business goals, values and similar paths that positively impact the Native American community.

Begay sees the collaborative work on financial literacy in his community as one that will prepare the next generation of Native Americans for success in tribal government and enterprises. The continued efforts of REDW will provide tribes with the tools needed to move their financial goals forward as well as provide guidance for efficient government.

With professionals who regularly visit and work with tribal governments and their enterprises, REDW is excited to serve and cultivate financial talent. They will carry on the Firm’s tradition of encouraging Native Americans to pursue a career in accounting and finance, increasing the pool of top talent from which to hire for the Firm’s tribal practice team and identifying Native American students interested in participating in the Firm’s Internship Program. “I’ve been impressed by REDW’s commitment to walk the walk when it comes to recruiting and promoting Native Americans, as evidenced by the makeup of its professional team, which includes two Native Americans at the highest, principal level,†added Begay.

REDW offers a full suite of accounting and financial services to tribal clients, including audit, tax, human resources consulting, 401K plan designs and administration, per capita consulting, valuation and forensic accounting, accounting software solutions, and wealth management.

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