Webinar: Managing Your Income & Optimizing Your Taxes in Retirement

Webinar: Managing Your Income & Optimizing Your Taxes in Retirement

February 25, 2021

Most people – even financial advisors – don’t fully understand how different types of retirement income can leave very different amounts for retirees to spend, after taxes.

In this complimentary webinar from REDW Wealth, Senior Financial Planner David Cechanowicz makes this complicated topic a very easy one to follow, as he explores:

  • Different types of income and how they are taxed
  • Tax maps that show the real marginal rate, or the amount of taxes you’ll pay on your next dollar of income
  • Layers of tax efficiency to consider in building your income stream for retirement.

If you’re already retired, or preparing to take that step, this is a talk you won’t want to miss!

What: Complimentary Webinar – Managing Your Income & Optimizing Your Taxes in Retirement

When: Thursday, March 11 at 11 am MT

Duration: 1 hour

Watch the Recording: Click here

(Or read the latest article from our presenter, David Cechanowicz, on Managing Your Income & Optimizing Taxes in Retirement.)


David CechanowiczDavid A. Cechanowicz, JD
Senior Financial Planner, REDW Wealth LLC
David has more than 40 years of experience providing advice and counsel to medium and high net worth clients in the areas of estate, business, retirement and investment planning—particularly on complex issues where the law, taxes, and financial matters intersect. A nationally recognized speaker and expert on retirement planning and on claiming Social Security benefits, David is skilled at communicating complex ideas that empower clients to understand and implement his planning recommendations.

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