Webinar: Data Analytics for Tribal Gaming Organizations


Custom data dashboards and automated tasks and reports are leading the way, potentially delivering huge savings in time and money and enabling smarter decision-making. But are you even equipped to merge onto the high-speed data highway?

Join REDW’s Data Analytics and Tribal Gaming experts for a peek “under the hood” of a typical analytics environment developed expressly for tribal gaming operations. You’ll come away with a high-level understanding of:

  • How to implement data analytics in your organization
  • Important issues you need to consider
  • Best practices for creating dashboards

Resource Materials

Our Speakers

Stephen Montoya Stephen Montoya, CPA
Principal, Audit & Assurance

smontoya@redw.com | 602.730.3275

Chris Framel Chris Framel, PMP
Operations Manager

chris.framel@redw.com |  505.998.3446