REDW Wealth in the News: David Cechanowicz Consulted by <em>The Street</em>

REDW Wealth in the News: David Cechanowicz Consulted by The Street

June 19, 2020

David Cechanowicz

David Cechanowicz, JD, MSFS, EA, AIF®, AEP®, CLU®, CHFC®, Senior Financial Planner

A recent publication by The Street’s Robert Powell, CFP, features REDW Wealth Senior Financial Planner David Cechanowicz on the subject of stopping and restarting social security benefits. The article, “Ask Bob: Is it Possible to Stop and Restart Social Security before Full Retirement Age?†was published June 12, 2020.

Many individuals of qualifying age applied for their Social Security retirement benefits before the pandemic created market chaos, only to find themselves rethinking that decision in 2020. Cechanowicz weighs in on how the decision to reenter the work force leads to questions such as:


  • Will you be able to restart your retirement benefit process at leisure, or will you now have to wait until the full retirement age?
  • What are the implications for the benefits you’ve already used?
  • If you choose to continue working after age 70, will Social Security taxes continue to be deducted from your paycheck?

Considering the financial consequences, these questions can feel overwhelming, but Cechanowicz delivers clear, expansive answers in this helpful read. If you’re approaching this decision or facing it now, making informed choices about retirement can provide lasting benefits to your golden years. Please reach out to REDW Wealth’s Senior Financial Planner David Cechanowicz for guidance on claiming your Social Security benefits. Enjoy the full article, here.

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