REDW Principals Corrine Wilson & Bruce Bleakman Contribute to Landmark NAFOA’s Financial Reporting Guide

REDW Principals Corrine Wilson & Bruce Bleakman Contribute to Landmark NAFOA’s Financial Reporting Guide

April 25, 2017

The Native American Finance Officers Association (NAFOA) is set to release its new Financial Reporting and Information Guide for Tribal Governments and Their Enterprises (Orange Book) at its 35th Annual Conference in San Francisco April 23-27.

The new book marks several milestones. Not only is it the first accounting publication to address the unique operating environment of tribal governments, but it also was produced by a team of highly experienced professionals who work in Indian Country. In announcing the Orange Book, NAFOA credits its Financial Management advisory committee – and in particular, two of the leaders of REDW’s Tribal practice who wrote many of the volume’s 10 chapters.

Corrine Wilson, CPA, is a past NAFOA board member and has served for years instructing NAFOA’s Tribal Financial Manager Certification Program. She has more than 30 years of experience consulting with tribal governments and enterprises. Bruce Bleakman, CPA, has nearly 40 years of professional experience and served on the Government Expert Panel of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He also has contributed to several NAFOA financial reporting model guides.

REDW takes pride in its ongoing commitment to NAFOA and to Indian Country as we together work to strengthen tribal finance to ensure the advancement of independent, culturally vibrant American Indian and Alaskan Native communities. The Guide is designed to assist users, preparers, attesters, creditors, investors, and others with a better understanding of financial reporting and generally accepted accounting principles.

Following the official release, REDW will be hosting a variety of educational sessions utilizing the Orange Book, including a four-part webinar in July and August, 2017, and also a half-day special session at the 2017 REDW Tribal Finance & Leadership Conference in November. To learn more about these training opportunities, please visit our events page or email us at

For more information about the new NAFOA guide, or to purchase a copy, please visit

To learn how REDW can assist your tribal organization with this or other issues impacting Tribes, please contact Corrine Wilson or Chris Tyhurst.

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