On Demand Webinar: Streamlining Your Financial Retirement Goals

On Demand Webinar: Streamlining Your Financial Retirement Goals

April 8, 2022

Exploring the Universe of Financial Advice – Part II


Transitioning from a paycheck to living off accumulated investments and retirement plans frequently creates anxiety. Most people entering retirement do not realize that different types of income will create different income tax outcomes.

It will take proactive planning to optimize your unique tax situation so that you can keep more of your money in retirement.

Retirement planning involves several factors:

  1. Aligning your investing style and choices with long-term goals
  2. Disciplining your approach to saving for retirement
  3. Tracking continual progress toward achieving your long-term goals

Stream our complimentary, on-demand webinar exploring the central areas of Retirement Planning. REDW Wealth Senior Financial Planner David Cechanowicz will show you how monitoring your financial plan and adjusting as needed is crucial to your long-term financial success in retirement.

Daniel Yu, REDW Wealth’s Co-Chief Investment Officer and Senior Investment Manager, will also provide a current market update and discuss the recent decision made by the Federal Reserve to increase rates, other expected rate hikes, and potential economic impact.

Register once for our ongoing complimentary webinar series and stay in-the-loop with trusted, timely insights from members of REDW Wealth’s Investment Committee.

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