Shoot Straight, Be Bold: Leadership Advice from REDW Principal Sandy Abalos

  |  April 13, 2021

Not many freshly minted college graduates would propose bringing their young children to work, becoming partner as soon as they pass the CPA exam, or buying out their partner when he retired as part of a job interview. And certainly not in the 1970s, when only a tiny fraction of accounting students at Arizona State University were women. But nobody told Sandy Abalos that she couldn’t. So she did. Read more.
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M&A Earnouts? Count on Book & Tax Implications

  |  April 7, 2021

A key challenge in any deal negotiation is agreement on purchase price between the buyer and seller. To reach an appropriate purchase price that takes uncertainty into account, parties may choose to include an “earnout” in the acquisition agreement and must be aware of book and tax implications early on in the process. Read more.
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Tribal Funding Under the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act of 2021

  |  April 5, 2021

The ARP legislation approved by the President on March 13, 2021 includes about $31B in resources to Indian Country. Now, federal agencies are holding consultation sessions with Tribes for their input on the distribution and feedback on implementing the Act’s uses. REDW will watch for implementing regulations, which we would expect to see published over the next couple of months. In the meantime, the following is a brief overview of what Tribes should consider for planning purposes. Read more.
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Managing Your Income & Optimizing Taxes in Retirement

  |  March 2, 2021

Sweeping generalizations about managing income in retirement are problematic in that they won’t be of much help to a given individual figure to out what is best for them. It's important to determine not only what’s best for you specifically in the current tax year, but next year and the year after, as well. Nationally recognized speaker and REDW Wealth Senior Financial Planner David Cechanowicz discusses some foundational issues relative to taxation and income in this latest article. Read more.
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