A Budget-Friendly Solution to Your Health Insurance Needs & 401k Fiduciary Responsibilities

  |  October 16, 2020

HHS Provider Relief Funding Guidance from REDW

In June 2019, the Department of Labor revised the rules for 2020 regarding health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) making it easier and more cost-effective for some businesses to reimburse employees for their medical care expenses. Join REDW Wealth and Daniels Insurance for a joint presentation on budget-friendly solutions for your health insurance needs. REDW Wealth Principal,... Read More

New SBA Guidance Clears Up PPP Forgiveness Application Due Date

  |  October 14, 2020

Concern had arisen among many Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) borrowers in the confusion about the due date for loan forgiveness applications. The Small Business Administration released guidance on October 13, 2020 that confirms PPP loan forgiveness applications are not due on October 31 – and explains what probably caused the confusion. Read more Read More

Mobile Device Cybersecurity for Work x Home: Securing Double-Duty Gadgets

and   |  October 13, 2020

As professional and personal activities intermix on mobile devices, IT professionals and business owners must review the new work environment as a new set of potential vulnerabilities. In week two of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, REDW Cybersecurity Senior Manager Jennifer Moreno covers six core security steps for mobile devices, and the essential elements of a cybersecurity awareness education program. Read more. Read More

Enforcing Standard Cybersecurity Measures for Remote Work

and   |  October 6, 2020

Whether your organization was ready for remote work or not—and as businesses continue to modify practices and normalize “work from anywhere” conditions—it’s not too late to check if your connections are truly secure, and to make sure your team is up to speed on cyber smart practices. REDW Senior Manager of Cybersecurity Jennifer Moreno is here to help you run a confidence check. Read more. Read More