WEBINAR: Ways to Boost Your Cyber Health

WEBINAR: Ways to Boost Your Cyber Health

October 19, 2017

Ways to Boost Your Cyber Health

Click here to registerOctober 19, 2017
9-10 am PT | 10-11 am MT
11 am – 12 pm CT | 12-1 pm ET

Cyber-security solutions have focused on technology to keep hackers out, but more and more big-name firms are reporting data breaches, even though they have huge budgets. Up-to-date technology is still important, but our efforts are better invested in improving resilience and rapid recovery.

On any given day of your morning commute, odds are you won’t have a wreck, but you still wear your seat belt. Why wouldn’t you do the same with cyber?

This complimentary, one-hour webinar presented by REDW Principal Marcus Clarke will illuminate the current cyber-landscape and present actions your business can take to help strengthen its resilience against the almost inevitable data breach – and minimize the damage when it happens.

Registrants will also receive on-demand access to a recording of the live webinar, plus other helpful resource materials. 

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