Webinar: Data Analytics for Tribal Gaming Organizations

Webinar: Data Analytics for Tribal Gaming Organizations

July 26, 2021



Custom data dashboards and automated tasks and reports are leading the way, potentially delivering huge savings in time and money and enabling smarter decision-making. But are you even equipped to merge onto the high-speed data highway?

Join REDW’s Data Analytics and Tribal Gaming experts for a peek “under the hood†of a typical analytics environment developed expressly for tribal gaming operations. You’ll come away with a high-level understanding of:

  • How to implement data analytics in your organization
  • Important issues you need to consider
  • Best practices for creating dashboards

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Our Speakers

Stephen MontoyaStephen Montoya, CPA
Principal, Audit & Assurance

smontoya@redw.com | 602.730.3275

Chris FramelChris Framel, PMP
Operations Manager

chris.framel@redw.com |  505.998.3446

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