The Business of a 638 Healthcare Transition

The Business of a 638 Healthcare Transition

July 23, 2018


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Taking on a healthcare transition can be time consuming, complicated and overwhelming. Those who have successfully transitioned their healthcare facility have done so with the help of internal team and external consultants with specific areas of expertise. The divide and conquer approach allows everyone to do what they do best.

This sounds good, but how do you determine what additional help you will need? And then, how do you find reliable, experienced experts?

In this fifth and final session of our 638 healthcare transition webinar series, join our experts as they share some industry insights and introduce you to REDW’s partner organizations. In fact, two representatives of one such organization will be enlivening the panel discussion: Kelly Guzman and Ann Ahmadi of Yellow Brick Consulting, Inc.


  • Introduction to the various areas that you will suddenly be responsible for
  • Discussion regarding industry experts that we have worked with
  • Specific discussions regarding:
  • Clinical processes, patient flow, accreditation readiness, QAPI
  • Billing and Revenue Cycle Management
  • Facility management – housekeeping, maintenance, security
  • Food services, including how to incorporate Native foods into your offerings
  • Administration Office – Finance, Human Resources, Executive Suite
  • Information Technology

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 Our Speakers

Steve CoganSteve Cogan, CPA
Managing Principal, REDW LLC

With more than 25 years’ experience in public accounting, Steve serves a wide variety of clients, including tribes and tribal enterprises and hospitals, clinics, physician groups, and other healthcare providers. He has led the policy & procedures, procurement, and board development components of several 638 Healthcare Transitions, and finds that thoughtful consideration of the governance and leadership structure has significant impact on transition success and on improving patient care.

Kelly Guzman, MN, RN
CEO, Yellow Brick Consulting, Inc.Kelly, the President and CEO at Yellow Brick Consulting, Inc., is a nurse with over 30 years of healthcare experience. She collaborates with project owners, guiding them through the unfamiliar territory of activating a new facility. Over the course of 15 years Kelly has worked on over 30 complex healthcare projects across North America. Her operations experience includes clinical and administrative positions with responsibilities for ED, Acute Care, Periop/Interventional SubAcute, and Ambulatory Services.
Ann Ahmadi, MBA, BSN, RN
Senior Project Manager and Director of Innovation
Yellow Brick Consulting, Inc.Ann, a Senior Project Manager at Yellow Brick Consulting, Inc., is a nurse with over 30 years of experience in healthcare. She is responsible for the development of the automated systems used to create Dress Rehearsal scenarios for transition projects and to manage the move of patients into new facilities. She understands better than most the needs of clients building new facilities because she has been on both the hospital and consulting side of projects.
Tal MooreTal Moore, THRP
Principal, REDW LLC

Tal is known throughout Indian Country as a skilled consultant and facilitator specializing in Organizational Development. For over 25 years, he has provided his Human Resources (HR) management expertise primarily to tribal governments and their enterprises—including five years as Chief Administrative Officer for Fort Defiance Indian Hospital during the organization’s IHS 93-638 transition to Self Governance. He was also elected to three two-year terms as President of the National Native American Human Resource Association (NNAHRA), where he is currently serving as Interim Director following his final term.

Lisa WilcoxLisa Wilcox, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CEBS, CCP, CMS, RPA, THRP
Principal, REDW LLC

Lisa has worked in the area of human resources consulting, and compensation planning and retirement plan consulting for most of her 34-year career with REDW. Her experience covers a broad spectrum of technical topics, ranging from compensation programs and human resources consulting, to provisions of the Affordable Care Act, behavioral assessments and recruiting. She has also served as the onsite HR Director and Chief Human Resources Officer during some of the firm’s larger 638 healthcare transitions. Lisa is a certified Tribal Human Resources Professional (THRP), having received special training from the National Native American Human Resources Association in HR topics, issues, laws and regulations unique to tribal organizations and enterprises.

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