Revenue Audit & Cage Automation: Protecting Your Casino’s Assets While Boosting Revenues

Revenue Audit & Cage Automation: Protecting Your Casino’s Assets While Boosting Revenues

February 23, 2017


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Safeguarding casino assets is paramount in the casino business, and the last line of defense is the Revenue Audit. In this one-hour webinar, our tribal casino experts will present practical examples that illustrate how Revenue Audits can make a significant difference in your casino’s financial health.

  • The vital role Revenue Audit plays in compiling and reviewing daily transactions
  • How the Revenue Audit identifies inaccuracies, compliance missteps and fraud risks
  • What required daily audits should be conducted (NIGC MICS 542 vs. 543)
  • Ways to assess your current efforts, including your Revenue Audit department’s effectiveness, and tips for improving these operations
  • What to look for in key areas: slots, table games, food/beverage, comps, free plays
  • How to calculate win/loss for slots, table and other games

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Our Speakers

Anh K. To
Senior Consultant, Audit & Consulting
Since joining REDW in 2010, Anh has gained six years of public accounting experience specializing in tribal casino audits, informed by his 10 years of prior practical experience working in tribal casinos as a cage supervisor and revenue audit manager. Anh also served as an auditor and audit supervisor for the Arizona Dept. of Gaming, where he audited all 22 of Arizona’s tribal casinos.
Kurt Williams
CEO and Co-Founder
Casino Cash Trac
Kurt is the CEO and Co-Founder of Casino Cash Trac and leads the development and execution of the Company’s long term strategy. Prior to founding Casino Cash Trac, he held the position of Chief Financial Officer and GM for several casinos in Oklahoma. Kurt is a Certified Public Accountant and has more than 13 years of experience in accounting, finance, business valuation, business consulting and business management. His experience also includes over 8 years of working with Tribes and their casinos. Kurt brings a hands-on approach to working with his clients and helps them develop growth strategies, efficiencies, and procedures that provide them a solid foundation for the future. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas Little Rock.

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