RAMP UP: A 7-Part Agribusiness Webinar Series for Tribes

RAMP UP: A 7-Part Agribusiness Webinar Series for Tribes

December 21, 2020


Ramp Up Business Series from KCoe Isom and REDW

Tribal Experts from REDW and Business Consultants from K·Coe Isom Teamed Up to Help Native Agribusinesses RAMP Up

While so many unknowns can make 2021 planning a challenge, it is possible to assess your business potential, minimize risks, and capture opportunities.  You just have to know where to look, and how to be ready.

Agriculture continues to be vital to Native economies and sovereignty, and so in late 2020 REDW teamed up with Food & Ag business consultants from K·Coe Isom to deliver professional insights for healthy ag operations and planning across Indian Country. Over the course of this weekly webinar series that ran from November 30 through December 21, 2020, our combined team of experts covered:

  • Ag business planning
  • Farm and risk management
  • Financial strategies
  • Potential opportunities

… all in the context of tribal communities, whose cultural and economic survival are closely connected to their agricultural practices.

Presentation Slides and Recordings

To review each of the available slide presentations, click its title below. To view recordings of each session, click here.

11-30-2020Ag Industry Panel DiscussionREDW:  Anthony Gerlach
Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI):  Dave Zeller
K·Coe Isom:  Peter Martin, Laura Sands, Bryce Gibbs, Alan Grafton
12-4-2020How to Stop Missing Marketing OpportunitiesREDW:  Brian Foltyn
K·Coe Isom:  Chris Haverkamp, Eric Osterhaus
12-7-2020Engagement and Talent Development StrategiesREDW:  Lisa Enkoff
K·Coe Isom:  Bart Nichols
12-11-2020Farm Program Eligibility During Tough Times K·Coe Isom:  Matthew Farrell, Brian Kuehl
12-14-2020Renewable Energy and Land Conservation StrategiesK·Coe Isom:  Robert Veldman
12-18-2020Strategic PlanningREDW:  Corrine Wilson, Colaine Curtis
K·Coe Isom:  Peter Martin, Alan Grafton
12-21-2020Back Office Management Best PracticesREDW:  Colaine Curtis
K·Coe Isom:  Peter Martin, Chris Tozlian

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