Planning for Reform: What Tax Changes Mean to You

Planning for Reform: What Tax Changes Mean to You

February 8, 2018

Planning for Reform: What Tax Changes Mean to You

On December 22, President Donald Trump signed the most extensive tax reform in decades. It is vital that every taxpayer understands this legislation, which changes nearly all major sections of the tax code.

In this seminar, hosted by the Entrepreneurs Organization of Arizona, REDW Tax Principal Sandy Abalos will provide an overview of the law’s provisions, a discussion about who will be impacted by each change and opportunities to consider.

Topics include:

  • Individual Tax Provisions (tax rates and brackets, moving expenses, alimony, standard deductions, personal exemptions, itemized deductions and AMT)
  • Estate & Gift Tax
  • Partnerships & Pass Through Entities
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Fixed Asset Tax Elections
  • Additional Provisions (research and development credits, fringe benefits, entertainment and meal expenses)

Comprised of more than 150 of Arizona’s most influential business owners, The Entrepreneurs Organization of Arizona propels entrepreneurs to learn from each other, leading to business success and enriched personal lives.

This seminar, occurring at 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM on Thursday, February 8 in Scottsdale, Arizona, is by invitation only. For additional details, contact 

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