State Bar of Arizona

Financial Literacy for Lawyers: Understanding Financial Statements, Tax Returns and Valuation Reports

The State Bar of Arizona has put together a panel of speakers – including three Tax and Valuation experts from REDW LLC – to provide key insights to help attorneys spot issues and engage allied professionals to collaborate in advising their clients on key financial matters. All levels of practice are welcome.

What: Webinar: Financial Literacy for Lawyers
When: November 12, 2020 | 1:30 – 4:45 PM (Arizona)
3 hours, 15 minutes
Cost: $139*
CLE: 3.0
Register: Click Here

Topics include:

  • Key documents to request for review;
  • Overview and purpose of financial statements;
  • Overview of accounting concepts and terminology;
  • Types and structure of financial statements;
  • Overview of tax returns of various business entities;
  • Common differences between financial statements and tax return reporting; and
  • Overview of business appraisals and valuation reports -Discussion of the “5 D’s”: Death; Divorce; Disputes; Disruptions; and Deals.

Program Chair

Jim O’Sullivan, Tiffany & Bosco


  • Brian Foltyn, REDW LLC
  • Todd Lenczycki, Tiffany & Bosco
  • Christina Roderick, REDW LLC
  • Mark Young, CKS Advisors
  • Craig Neumann, REDW LLC