4 Ways to Boost Your CyberHealth

4 Ways to Boost Your CyberHealth

October 20, 2017


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On any given day of your morning commute, odds are you won’t have a wreck, but you still wear your seat belt. Why wouldn’t you do the same with cyber?

Cyber-security solutions have focused on technology to keep hackers out, but more and more big-name firms are reporting data breaches, even though they have huge budgets. Up-to-date technology is still important, but our efforts are better invested in improving resilience and rapid recovery.

This complimentary, one-hour webinar illuminates the current cyber-landscape and presents specific actions your business can take to help strengthen its resilience against the almost inevitable data breach – and minimize the damage when it happens.

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Our Speaker

Marcus Clarke
Principal – Technology

As head of REDW’s Technology Team, Marcus is responsible for the planning and operation of the firm’s critical technology, including business continuity, private cloud services and enterprise risk management. Prior to joining REDW, he headed Meridian Group, Inc., the region’s premier Managed Security Service Provider, serving government agencies and a wide array of risk averse organizations.

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