Tribal Training Services
Tribal Training Services

Preparing Future Tribal Leaders
Long-term financial success and security for your Tribe depend on how well you attract, retain, and develop your employees into the next generation of leaders. Empowering them with timely, relevant training helps to meet this critical need. Our trainings are designed to:
  • Sharpen employees' technical skills. As industry leaders, REDW trainers can help your team understand and implement accounting practices and regulations that impact tribes and their enterprises.
  • Manage change. As needs and services evolve, tribes must find ways to keep employees at the top of their game.
  • Keep employees motivated. New skills and knowledge help employees feel valued and engaged.
  • Create positive attitudes. Our training sessions set the tone for quality and excellence by presenting professional role models who demonstrate desired behaviors.
  • Reduce turnover and recruiting costs. It costs less to train current employees than to recruit new ones who demonstrate desired behaviors.
  • Save money. Targeted training pays off through increased employee productivity, more efficient processes and a greater capacity to adopt new technologies.

Our experienced team can help you realize all these goals—and more—with thoughtful, comprehensive training designed specifically for tribal financial professionals and other leaders in key areas such as HR, investments, and IT.  What's more, we can deliver practical, hands-on sessions directly to your staff at your own facility.  Some of the courses we offer include:
  • Supercircular Guidance – Preparing for the upcoming major changes to Federal Awards
  • Contract/Grant Accounting
  • Fund Accounting
  • Internal Controls & Fraud Prevention
  • Understanding Tribal Government & Tribal Business
  • Strategic & Financial Planning for Tribes and their Enterprises
  • Financial Literacy for Tribal Leaders
  • What Tribal Leaders Should Know about Investing
  • What Tribal Leaders Should Know about Financing
  • Accounting Software
  • Business Management Software
  • Tribal Retirement Plans
  • Human Resources & Workforce Analytics
  • Compensation Studies

Contact Chris Tyhurst at 602.730.3669 or at this link to learn more or to schedule your next training.