A learning experience


What sets us apart from most other CPA firms is how much we believe in meaningfully supporting our employees through training, mentoring, and just plain encouragement.

That means new employees at the beginning of their careers get the opportunity to explore different industries and service areas, gaining the needed experience to choose the path that most interests them. And unlike many firms with a traditional hierarchy, we like to keep things simple, with very few layers, so that you’ll be interacting directly with clients sooner than at most other places.

For professionals at a mid-point in their careers and looking for a change, REDW has just the ticket. More than just a tax and audit firm, we offer a comprehensive and far-ranging set of accounting and financial management services that provide opportunities to pursue consulting specializations and a path to partnership.

And even though hard work is involved, it’s not at the sacrifice of personal time and family life. We believe that a thoughtful work/life balance and reasonable hours are vital for happy, healthy, and productive employees.